Wednesday, 16 September 2015

It’s been a busy few months.  I moved house in May and I’m very happy with my new flat, the first that is actually mine yippee!  After YEARS of renting it is really nice to have something that I can do whatever I like with and really make it home.  Living in London I was also beginning to doubt whether I would ever be able to buy, so this coming along has been a bit of a surprise also, sometimes things come along so unexpectedly!  It’s the kind of place though, that needs a lot of work and love.  Pretty much everything needs to be done which has taken up a lot of time organising, doing, and whatnot, but I think I’m finally getting on track.
So finally here’s some of what I’ve been up to just lately, drawing more food.  I am a bit obsessed with sandwiches, I make them most days in some way or another, they are the perfect easy food for me and lunch.  At the moment I’ve only been drawing sandwiches that I would actually eat but I may start expanding on that.  I loved playing around with the pattern, shapes and textures of these and I haven’t done much work with type so that’s been a fun challenge. 
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese bagel

Mackerel Pate

This is just a piece based around my love of exercise (yes I am one of those freaks :)).  I really wanted to experiment with different mark making and combining various materials.  I’ve been using a lot more crayon and oil pastel just lately and I’m really enjoying working with these, scratching on and off and combining with pencil and paint.  I love working with different materials all at once (and generally making a lot of mess!), still the carpet is going…………

Finally these couple of pics are from my lovely garden, shared but very spacious and lovely, I feel so lucky.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to spend a lot of time there this year but next year for sure!  Hopefully now my posts will be a more frequent!
Bye for now and have a lovely rest of the week :)