Saturday, 2 April 2016


I realise some time has passed since I last updated this.  Hopefully now I will be able to post more regularly.  So I've been doing a lot of coffee themed illustrations just lately.  I am certainly no connoisseur but I do like a cup and I enjoyed playing around with a few ideas.  I was hoping to put this up last weekend but unfortunately I got ill which is what often happens just when you get a bit of a break :( so that held work up a little.  I'm almost back to my old self again, it did take it out of me a bit.  Still it did mean spending a few days resting and watching movies which is something I rarely do, (I got a bit addicted to the Margaret Rutherford Miss Marples as you do, I do love those old films).
So without further ado here's a selection of the coffee ideas.  I'm working on some more foodie things so I will post those soon.
Have a good rest of the weekend!

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