Friday, 15 June 2018

Ice cream? I think so


I hope you've had a great week.  I'm loving having bright late evenings, it really seems to lengthen the days, and it's so nice to have the doors and windows open and feel the fresh air :).
On a summery theme, I'm sharing the illustration I completed below following a coastal visit.  I really loved working on this and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I'm pretty addicted to inks at the moment, both those that are water soluble and those that are not.  They create such wonderful colours and textures and I think they work really well with the more detailed line work.  To be honest I just love combining all different mediums, I really get stuck into the textures.

I must admit, I did have a few ice creams that looked a bit like this one the week I was away (not all on the same day I will add!)  There's nothing like an ice cream when it's a hot day at the seaside and in the UK if you are lucky enough to have a lovely warm day at the coast ice cream is essential, because lets face it those days need to be grabbed!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I have a lot of drawing/painting I'm hoping to get done, hooray!  I'll be back soon :)

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