Sunday, 6 December 2015


So It's December which means Christmas is on it's way.  I've decided to do a little project over on Instagram.  I'm going to post something I've made everyday, based on the theme of Christmas throughout December until the 25th.  A kind of Advent Calendar thingy.  I've wanted to do some sort of challenge for a while now and this seemed like a good time.  So far I have to say I am really enjoying it.  It's a great way to challenge myself creatively as I have to work fast and make quick decisions about my work.  Most of the pieces will be created now but there will be a few blasts from the past also.
So here's a selection from week one.



Mulled Wine


I have a whole list of Christmas related stuff that I made to draw from and I'm adding to and deleting from as I go on.  The great thing about doing something like this is that I can just pick what I feel like doing as and when so the order changes and I'm always working with the next two in mind.  The turkey was particularly enjoyable to draw.  I'm from Norfolk originally where we are supposedly overrun with Turkeys although I hardly remember seeing any!  They are fascinating to draw I have to say.  This one is a Norfolk Bronze and I nicknamed Mr Gobble because I like to do things like that!
So back to thinking about the next images.
Have a great week :).

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