Monday, 26 August 2013


Here's the latest piece I've been working on just recently, all about the seaside.

In July we had some really lovely weather here which was greatly appreciated!  On one of those hot days I took a little day trip to Brighton, somewhere I always enjoy visiting and being so close to London it's always easy to get to.  It was so nice to be able to enjoy the hot weather and relax a bit, I even swam in the sea! something which is very rare for me in this country nowadays.

Part of my reason for visiting was that I wanted to do some seaside inspired work.  This piece isn't specifically about Brighton at all, but more the traditional things associated with the typical british seaside town, the fairground, ice cream, fish and chips and so on.  I don't usually make work that's about typically British things but I wanted to with this.  I hope this piece captures some essence of the summer for you.  I worked on it over some lovely sunny weather and one particularly rainy day - a typical summer here :).
Hope you enjoy!