Saturday, 10 December 2016


So Christmas is now well on it's way, (well I've started my shopping and I always feel it's getting closer when I start doing that!)  I'm going to share some Christmas themed work that I've been up to.  It's two pieces of work made from the same initial image.  I've been thinking about toy theatres and how I could create something inspired by them for a while now, especially since my visit to the Federic Mares museum in Barcelona and after a recent visit to the The Museum of Childhood.  Originally I was going to make my Christmas card as a theatre but in the end I decided to create a simpler illustration first and make a theatre from that.  It was a challenge to work with the 2d image whilst figuring out if it would work in 3d and it meant my floor was covered with papers and pieces of card for quite some time!  (I can make quite a mess), but I really enjoyed the process and am quite happy with how it all turned out.  I set myself a challenge to work with a reduced range of colours also.  It you like it the card can also be bought as a print or card in my society6 shop.

Christmas Card


I hope you're having a good weekend, I'll be back soon :)