Monday, 14 April 2014


So I've been drawing food again which has been very enjoyable.  So first up is the savoury dish.  I have actually made this and very nice it was too (although i made the veggie sausage version, minus the bacon).  I enjoyed using the really rich reds and browns, different colours from those I have been using just lately.  Plus, adding the decorative elements and creating textures was (as always) fun for me.

Sausage and White Bean Cassoulet

So next are these cookies, Cranberry and Oat.  I haven't made these but as far as I'm concerned anything containing oats can only be good!

Cranberry and Oat Cookies

That's all for now, have a good week! :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014


So at this time of year in England it is spring, yay!  So on some days out comes the sun, it's a little warmer, there is a lovely blue sky, you notice everything growing again and everyone gets excited about the prospect of lovely long days ahead.....Today however the sun has taken a break somewhere it's colder and grey, boo!  Still I'm sure this will not last! :)  Anyway, here is my latest work based on the theme of spring, I hope you like it.  I had fun doing all the pen work, a material I don't usually use and I really like the vibrancy of the marks.  Have a good day!