Saturday, 14 May 2016

Hello from a lovely sunny London :).  So nice to feel the sunshine.  So there has been a longer break between my last post and this one, my aim is to try to blog more regularly.  Sometimes the weeks rush by busily and the time goes!
So just lately I've been drawing more food which has been fun.  I like eating so it's always a pleasure drawing tasty stuff.
First up are peppers stuffed with couscous, halloumi (one of my favourites), spinach and chickpeas.

Next it's roasted cauliflower with thyme.  Cauliflower used to get a bit of bad rep in the past but it seems to be getting more popular now.  Roasted it's absolutely delicious.  You can roast the whole cauli all chopped up and eat it warm or cold in a salad.  Believe me it's yum!
I used several materials to create this piece which is how I love to work.  I really enjoy mark marking and creating textures and i loved making a pattern with all the ingredients.

That's it for now, I'm off to start scribbling for a new piece of work.  Hopefully in the sunshine!  Have a lovely week :)