Monday, 10 June 2019

Food, patterns and my sketchbook


I thought I'd post some work I completed a while back for Ambrosia Magazine.  The theme was well known puddings from the UK.  The Magazine is out now.

I've also been posting daily on Instagram for the 100 day project.  I selected working in my sketchbook as my project, as that is something I would like to do more regularly.  Some of the work I've completed in there is now going on to become other things.  So far I've made stickers from some illustrations and it is a handy place to store ideas for things I'm planning to do later on, even if they are just seeds of ideas at the moment.  I've become particularly fond of making patterns and I have plans for those.  It's become quite a nice record of the previous 60+ days and I've definitely found I've benefitted from it so far.  Here's a little selection, more to come!

I hope you have a great week ahead and I'll be back soon!

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